2016 Company’s Trip To Chongqing


2016 Company’s Trip To Chongqing

2016 company’s trip to Chongqing

Experience in the mountain and under the sunshine
Chongqing Impression
Chongqing is known as a “mountain city” since it is built near mountains, also known as the “ fog city” since it is usually covered by clouds and fogs, and known as the “heating stove” since it has a long and heat summer.
People may get to know more about the city of Chongqing from the first station of the TV show Dad, Where are we going? or maybe that the similarity between one cliff in Chongqing named Hongyadong and the cartoon film of Spirit Away from Miyazaki Hayao or maybe from other resources.
And the movie I Belonged to you recently, Chongqing is getting more well-known. People go to places where their idols have been before in this city.
We are waiting in the airport early in the morning with an exciting heart.
Reunion in the airport and let’s get our trip started!


We are just so excited once we got off the plane and rushed into the local snakes near the hotel, and to be honest, Chongqing is the paradise foe foodie since it has anything which you want to eat.


The Chongqing hotpot is a must for people traveling here. Chongqing is a magical place since people can eat spicy food here even though they can’t before, and some can eat more than the regular size. Actually, if I put in an inclusion, the reason for people can have more food is that the food in the daily time is not so tasty and delicious.


We came to Hongyadong after the dinner and were amazed by the layer format of it since if you go outside of its first and the eleventh levels, you can get to the road so you will never know which level you are in in Chongqing.


One-day tour in Wulong

Though the long distance, the beautiful view there has helped to conquer all the tiredness. All in all, we really got a worthwhile trip and amazed by the myth and beauty of the nature.

Taking photo with Transformers in big sizecq-11


Taking photos with natural views


In the the Yangtze River’s cableway, you can get the experience of the most ancient transport tools of the wise people in this mountain city.


In Ciqikou, all you need is walking and eating non-stop, and there is so many people there and also so many delicious foods, for example, Yoghourt, Stinky tofu, handmade glutinous rice cake handmade hot and sour rice noodles peddling more actively between stores. The first impression in Chongqing was we do really need like ten stomachs since one is completely not enough.


Ciqikou is also one place suitable for taking photos, and each coffee shop is full of cultural ambience.



To see the full view of Hongyadong in a ferry, you will recall the memory of Ogino Chihiro.


We all got deep impression about Chongqing during the four days. We all got pretty late night in the last day since we were all so attached with this city.


The meaning in traveling is not the traveling itself but in making us believe courage and freedom. The sun, the moon, stars, mountains, lakes, the sea are all the natural beings. We wish all the gentle souls in the world can meet each other.


When looking back, those were all hardworking days, and though time flies and one year is so short, it is meaningful to each company member.

In the new year, company will grow together with each staff and wish the company becoming more prosperous and strong whether present or in the future.