2017 “Metamorphosis” Annual Meeting


With divine monkey’s leaving, the golden phoenix is coming! For saying goodbye to our unforgettable year 2016, and hug to the coming new year 2017. JMIndustries Group held the “2017 ‘Metamorphosis’ Annual Meeting” in Room Tianhe of Shanghai Millennium Hongqiao Hotel on December 30, 2016.
All employees from JMIndustreis Group, Kuip Design, Honeies, Ideapar, Jorqueen, also our intimate partners and Professors guests gathered and had a wonderful evening.
This Annual meeting began with a wonderful New Year’s speech in the theme of “Transformation” by our president Mr. Zhou Hongjie. Then our general manager Mr. Zhou Yu made a comprehensive conclusion on company’s business development in 2016, He also extended his wishes to achieve a higher sales record and proposed the total planning and new way of thinking for the future development for 2017.
After that, all departments leaders presented their annual reports separately on the stage. They all made a new goal to achieve and look forward to 2017, as well as wishes to a united group in the company with full confidence.
Each department prepared wonderful shows for the Annual meeting, such as Fashion Show, songs, sketches and recitations of poems. Also, Funny games and lottery draw are performed alternately, which make the annual meeting happier and more active. All the guests and staffs laughed, applauded and cheered for all these fantastic shows.
Goodbye, 2016, we were full of gratitude!
Hello, 2017, we are filled with hope!
The Phoenix Nirvana, a worn need to go through many painful struggles so that it can break a cocoon into the butterfly. Let’s full of courage and confidence, strut forward to the new 2017 and change yourself for better one. I believe our JMIndustries Group will be better and better!

The gusets signed in and entered into the auditorium17

Annual meeting party host debut


The chairman and general manager made the speech of the congratulatory message respectively

1702 1703

The cheongsam show from the ladies shows the elegant demeanour


The short sketch “hiring” is humorous


The Lucky Draw is exciting,who can win the first prize,second prize and Third prize?


“Learning From Drunk”,”rainbow”,”The world of mortals love song”,That music sound beautiful


The recitation performance “Saying Good-bye to Cambridge Again”

Chinese and English version is cadenced and rich in feeling,Dialect version is intersting and funny.


 Big grand finale of the little Swan,HIGH over the audience and cheering continuously


Finally,we pose for a group photo and strive for a better future!