Fuyang 11 Enterprises Shortlisted Private Enterprises In The Top 100 Enterprises

Fuyang Daily News 02-27 10:42

Recently, the year 2016 Anhui private cultural enterprises 100 list began to publicize, the city of gold and wood products, and other 11 private cultural enterprises on the list, the number of the forefront of the province. Province, 100 private enterprises in the local community is actively recommended on the basis of the social and economic benefits of unity as a measure, taking into account the characteristics of the industry, according to the main business income, pre-tax profits, net assets, The number of employees and annual per capita wages and other economic indicators and social indicators of social assessment, by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Department of Culture and other relevant departments and experts to determine the assessment. The city of 11 companies are short-listed: Huayu handicrafts, JM Industries, Fu Tai hair ornaments cultural shares, Jinhui Government Printing, Tian billion handicrafts, Guerlain home, Jinyuan Willow crafts, 10,000 and crafts, Jinyuan home crafts, Fang Liu crafts, Han ink culture and the arts media.

According to reports, the number of private cultural enterprises in the province for hundreds of years ranked the forefront of the province, thanks to the city’s cultural industry development of great importance and support. In recent years, the city has issued a series of policies to encourage the development of cultural industries to support the policy, a strong impetus to the city’s cultural industry development.

Up to now, the city’s private cultural units of nearly 4,000, the province identified by the cultural high-tech enterprises up to 5, the successful implementation of the “new three board” listed three companies.