The First Creation Labs Creative Design Competition——Innovation on Proofing and Mass Production


The First Creation Labs Creative Design Competition held by Fuyang JMIndustries Group and Shanghai Kuip Technology Inc. was officially launched on 18th November. The opening ceremony was held in the Faculty of Furniture and Industry Design at Nanjing Forestry University. Attendees included officials, leaders, professors, specialists from all over the country and teachers and students from Nanjing Forestry University.The competition aims to commercialize creative designs and the theme is Creation Labs. Based on an integral chain from design to production to commercialization, the competition produces a creative atmosphere for design and manufacture. It has attracted active participation of many professional and amateur designers and received wide attention and supports from all social circles.IMG_2126

Founded in 1995, JM Industries Group is identified as a high-tech enterprise, which designs, manufactures and sales wooden furniture and home furnishing, and as a resources integrator who provides product supply chains. JM Industries Group is always on a mission to make products for clients in a better way, and with consistent innovations, it is continuously providing clients with great and lasting value by developing more advanced technology, better products and business models. In the last two decades, the accurate positioning of the industry, continuous technological revolution and scientific management of the company have made it an advanced enterprise in Fuyang city, even in Anhui Province.Shanghai Kuip Technology Inc. was founded in 2015 and it owns two business units, and By innovative business model and technologies, the company aims to make product design and manufacturing easier. It firmly believes in the principle that honesty is its footstone and clients have the highest priority, and the core concept of its operation and sales is always seeking for better quality. It is developing itself well while providing customers with a full range of quality services.


The venue


Signature Wall


Students having heated discussion




The band playing music for the ceremony


Sand painting show


The competition has received great support from units and leaders at all levels, and some of the leaders were invited to the opening ceremony. Officials presented at the ceremony included Mr Feng Jiaping (General Engineer of State Forestry Bureau), Mr Chen Shenglin (Deputy Secretary General of Chinese Forestry Industry Association), Ms Yuan Yonghong (Party Secretary of Economy and Information Committee of Fuyang, Anhui Province), Mr Jiang Jie (Member of Yingdong Standing Committee of Fuyang, Anhui Province and Chairman of Economic Development Administrative Commission), Ms Hao Hongjuan( Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Yingdong Economic Development Zone of Fuyang, Anhui Province), Mr Zhang Xi (Vice President and Secretary of Jiangsu Province Industrial Design Association), Mr Wu Zhihui (Head of College of Furnishings and Industrial Design), Mr Li Wenjun (Editor of Forestry of China), Mr Liu Jianwei( General Manager of China Aurora Group), Mr Zhou Hongjie (President of JM Industries Group), Mr Zhou Yu( CEO of Shanghai Kuip Technology Inc.), and some officials of Yingdong District.


The opening ceremony was officially started at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, and the host firstly gave a brief introduction to the competition. The competition aims to add the concept of Creation Labs into product designs and combine design and production so as to increase production efficiency. It respects and recognizes original designs of young designers, and helps more designer carry out their ideas.


During the ceremony, several officials and professors gave speeches in turns and expressed their supports and ardent expectations for the competition.

Mr Jiang Jie, Member of Yingdong Standing Committee of Fuyang, Anhui Province and Chairman of Economic Development Administrative Commission speaking on behalf of the district committee and government, indicated his full recognition on the competition. He emphasized the importance of the innovative development of enterprises and encouraged enterprises to continuously enhance themselves to make more contribution to the society.

Professor Zhang Xi, Vice President and Secretary of Jiangsu Province Industrial Design Association, analyzed the current trend of design home and abroad. He spoke highly of the Creation Labs business model and affirmed the advanced idea of combining design and manufacture with the Internet.

As the host, Head of College of Furnishings and Industrial Design Mr Wu Zhihui delivered an inspiring speech, expressing his welcome and thanks to those who attended the ceremony and his opinions and expectations for intellectual manufacture. He spoke highly of the concept of the Internet of the competition, emphasized the importance of building a new trend in this new era, and indicated that design should be combined with the Internet to gain more vitality. He also encouraged students of Nanjing Forestry University to take an active part in the competition and improve self-competitiveness.

In the speech given by Mr Liu Jianwei, General Manager of China Aurora Group, he stressed the significance of transformation and upgrading of future manufacturing industries, holding that enterprises should not only manage to integrate resources effectively but also make good use of the Internet to improve production efficiency as well as speeding up the process of intellectual manufacturing.


On behalf of the organizers of the competition, CEO Zhou Yu of Shanghai Kuip Technology Inc. gave a keynote speech. He talked about three aspects——conflicts between customers and servers, conflicts between designers and manufacturers, and the difference in price and value productions——and proposed a perfectly good solution after making a detailed analysis.

From Germany’s Industry 4.0 to the US Industry Internet strategies to Made in China 2025, Kuip Technology Inc. is consistently improving the combination of advanced technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things), artificial intelligence, 3D printing and AR, based on the Internet. What they manage to achieve is the synergy between design and manufacture, a revolution of manufacturing and an overall improvement of production.

Based on the Internet, the Intellectual Creation Centre and Factory Cloud integrate operation management of enterprise-level and channel supports. They are building a globalized big data and ecological chain system, forming a closed loop from consumption to the production side, providing quality service to different clients, helping every design with their pursuits and working hard to achieve the national goal of Industry 4.0.

The idea of Creation Labs is faster, easier, and more accurate proofing. It provides BOM-level actuarial cost service and flexible process design. Through instant communication system, the efficient, organized, credible and intelligent production steward will turn the design into proofing requirements. In the Intellectual Creation Centre, the Smart Production Search Engine can quickly gather external resources to provide a fast manufacturing experience to its customers.

Flexible Production——creates an agile production chain for intelligence and Internet;adapts to different scales and customized production;carries out controllable supervision over production process;reduces elements of the supply chain; and cuts the cost and increases production efficiency by analyzing big data of production.

Commercialization——a strong channel and financial advantage, ultimately achieve the balance between scientific production and flexible inventory by precisely targeting the product to the market and accurately analyzing the sales data.


The website, is viewed as an intelligent platform for wooden products. It is on a mission to carry out deep innovations of product design and manufacturing and based on big data, it provides customers with the experience of easy production, as well as leading an overall manufacturing revolution.

In the start-up session of the ceremony, officials and leaders showed up on the stage, pressed their handprint and expressed their best wishes for the competition.

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Opening ceremony of the competition

In the end of the ceremony, Associate Professor Zhou Chengmin from College of Furnishings and Industrial Design of Nanjing Forestry University introduced the competition system and some specific details.