2017 “Metamorphosis” Annual Meeting

  With divine monkey’s leaving, the golden phoenix is coming! For saying goodbye to our unforgettable year 2016, and hug to the coming new year 2017. JMIndustries Group held the “2017 ‘Metamorphosis’ Annual Meeting” in Room Tianhe of Shanghai Millennium Hongqiao Hotel on December 30, 2016. All...


2016 Company’s Trip To Chongqing

2016 company's trip to Chongqing Experience in the mountain and under the sunshine Chongqing Impression Chongqing is known as a “mountain city” since it is built near mountains, also known as the “ fog city” since it is usually covered by clouds and fogs, and known as the...


“For A Booming Future” Annual Meeting Of JM Industries Group

JM Industries Group held the annual conference with the theme“For a Blooming Future”in Crowne Plaza Lake Malaren-Shanghaion Jan 8th, 2016. National suppliers and corporate partners,andall staffs of Shanghai Central Industries CO., Ltd, & Shanghai Kuipu Technology Co. ,Ltd.  took part in this big event. During the conference,...

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【Industry Standards issued and implemented】

[gallery ids="14575,14574,14576"] Congrats the industry standards regarding 《The testing method for stable dimensions of modified wood timbers (LY/T2490—2015)》which our company taking part in and drawing had be officially issued on May.1st 2015. Taken part in drawing and issuing the national level industry standards did show the company's strength...

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[Industry-college-institute Cooperation] Develop Industry-college-institute Cooperation with professional colleges in the field

[gallery ids="14509,14508"] In 2013, we set up long-term strategic cooperation relations with Nanjing Forestry University and Anhui Agricultural University on the basic material research, manufacturing technology, manufacturing equipment intelligentization and talent training. The experts of colleges in the industry and professors are employed as the consultants of...