Manufacturing Capacity

Passionate  Teams,  Automatic  Manufacturing  Equipment,  Large-scale Procurement

30,000annual timber throughput

75% comes from domestic economic forests, and 25% is imported from overseas.

Plank drying treatment

We can dry 500 cubic meters of planks at the same time. Each cycle lasts 7-10 days.

Plank finishing production lines

Our imported optimizing cut-off saws can realize automatic plank defect detection and removal. The monthly output is 2,500 cubic meters.

Our imported automatic plank finger joiners' monthly output is 1,500 cubic meters.

Laminated veneer lumber processing line

We have a 350m processing line and 10 hot pressing machines. The monthly output is 3,800 cubic meters.

Electrostatic coating line

The 1,500m hanging coating line can treat 169,560  ㎡  of surface area each month.

19,000 m2of production area

6,000m2of storage capacity

3,100m2of office area