Scientific Breakthroughs

Working  with  Cutting-edge  Scientific  Research  Industry,  to  Explore and Practice New Materials, New Technologies, and Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment

Our company has a R&D Team that has the courage to make innovation, dares to challenge the limits, and pursues excellence. In the team, there are 10 Senior Engineers, over 20 members with bachelor’s or master’s degrees, and 5 Senior Experts and Advisors in the industry. They take full advantage of industry-university-research cooperation and have in-depth R&D cooperation with Anhui Agricultural University and Nanjing Forestry University in basic wood materials and improving the performance of fast-growing poplar. Plentiful substantial achievements have been made. What’s more, the company also has strategic R&D cooperation projects with major overseas customers. 

Patents and Standards

In recent years, the company took part in formulating national standard  “Modified  Wood Dimension Stability Test Method”, formulated enterprise standard “Poplar Plank High Temperature Dipping Treatment”, applied for the approval of multiple regional standards, and got 10 patents for invention, 11 patents for utility models. So far, a number of patents for invention have entered substantive examination.


We firmly believe that science and technology are the engine of social progress, the success of technical R&D relies on our labs’ degree of completion and knowledge-based talents. Our company invests 30% net profits each year to perfect our chemical and physical labs, and attract high-end sci-tech talents.

Conversion of Achievements

We use rich fast-growing poplar as the base material, and treat with deep carbonization and dipping and combined two-way optimization techniques to improve poplar’s key performance indicators and enhance its value added, making sci-tech poplar an ideal substitute for rare natural wood.

Honors and Certificates

Our company has got certificates of High & New Tech Enterprise, Provincial Enterprise Technical Center, Specialized, Fine, Characteristic and Innovative Enterprise; our Carbonized Poplar has been affirmed as a Provincial High & New Tech Product; the Provincial Engineering Technology Center for developing the fast-growing poplar wood has been approved; our company has won honors like Provincial Leading Enterprise in Forestry, Class A Export Enterprise, Municipal 2nd Award for Scientific and Technological Progress, provincial and municipal Famous Trademark for years in succession.
We  have  passed  ISO9001  (International  Quality  Management  System  Certification),  ISO14001 (Environment Management System Certification), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certification, and have been recognized by global top inspection agencies like SGS, BV, ITS and TUV, for our corporate social responsibility and standard quality management system implementation.