What We Do

Our  Distributed  Manufacturing  System  Supports  Various  and  Vertical  Product Lines

Our product lines:

Wood Turning and Parts  dowelrods.info@jmindustries.cc 

They usually are used as fittings on high-end furniture, cupboards,  stairs,  home  furnishings, wooden handicrafts, and cleaning tools.

The technique of using (PLVL – Poplar Laminated Veneer Lumber) to make Wood Dowel Rods was initiated by our company in 2010, and got a patent for invention.

Furniture and Home Furnishings  furniture.info@jmindustries.cc 

Usually, fast-growing wood is used as the base material, and processed through a technique called "high temperature dipping synthetic modification", to cut costs, enhance product quality, increase products' rot resistance, prolong products' service lives, and reduce resouconsumption.

This technique took us 3 years to develop.  Now it has been widely applied, and has won the  Provincial Affirmation of Scientific and Technological Achievements and the Award for Scientific and Technological Progress.

Home Decoration and Building Materials   homebuilding.info@jmindustries.cc 

Fast-growing wood after scientific treatment is used as the base material.

They are used in home decoration field, such as indoor stair fittings, baseboards, chair rails, studs, as well as fields like timberwork in outdoor landscape architecture, decorative boards and floors, etc.

Food Used Tools and Kitchenware   foodtools.info@jmindustries.cc 

Good grade materials, mainly imported birch and beech, are used.

They are used in fields like ice cream and drink mixing, food decoration and storage, kitchenware, etc.

Our Services:

Product Design and Development

You only need to provide an idea or creative inspiration. We will finish product appearance design, structure and texture design, package design, and sample making for you, and make sure the products pass related state compulsory standard inspections or 3rd-party inspections.

We use 3D printing technology to build tangible product models, which can save the trouble of repeated mould modification, save about 50% development cost, and shorten the time of sample making by about 40%.

Logistics and Export

We have the right to do self-support import and export.

We have stable partnership with large freight forwarders, can provide a package of logistics and export services, as well as export agent service.

After-sales Tracking Service

Our products have quality assurance periods. But our services are active and continued. We offer whatever is requested. There is no "expiration date" for our services.